Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First post & the gas information

Welcome to the Math Applications blog. I've resisted long enough creating a class blog, and have finally given in because it's extremely useful to distribute information.

The Gas Project:
We've been looking at maps and locations lately, which ties in of course with our theme of Math and Geography. Now we'll dive more into the math by examining the data that one might gather from a road trip. The bigger picture, in the end, is simply 'who uses this stuff?' You'll find out who soon enough.

I have placed MS Excel files here that you'll need.
Gas Data JM1
Gas Data JM2
Gas Data MJ1
Gas Data MJ2
In case you've misplaced your information sheets...
Excel intro formulas (half sheet)
Gas project questions (2 pages)
Be sure to print only what you need! I've made these files longer in order to have a class set. If you only need one, print only one.
For numbers 2 and 3, use $2.77 / gallon. Thanks Max & Jarrah!

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