Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Math and Agriculture

Under our discussion about math in the environment comes math in agriculture. Have you ever visited a farm? Do you know how much problem-solving a regular farmer must do in a day? In class, we worked through the volume of a grain bin for a poultry farmer. We also checked out if our new pole building would be high enough for our shiny new John Deere combine.

Over the next couple days, you and your partner will have the option to look into two different farming scenarios. The first deals with replacing the bedding for your dairy cows--how much you'll need and the costs and time involved. The second project deals with purchasing and financing some new machinery and then clearing your field for planting.

As you may have noticed in the in-class work, much of the math here is simple geometry. It's not complicated, but it is quite applicable in this field.

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